You've probably heard it a million times:

  • For your urgent action on the request, please?

  • Would you please schedule/assign the request?

  • Please create this as a Bug in JIRA ASAP

  • etc...

This will require fast action on JIRA from you and you may be away from your PC, right? Well, JIRA Mobile is your Ultimate solution to bring your JIRA requests into your mobile and take actions faster than ever.


Track your issues in agile and efficient way

JIRA Mobile is designed to view and interact with your issues on the go

 stay connected from your mobile with simple access to all your issues, check issues you are watching, issues you are asssigned and reported by you.



User-friendly interface

 Native UI elements with fast access to all screens, with your JIRA account yon login to any compatible device


Colaborate with your team anywhere anytime

Easily create, assign, priotrize, transition, resolve and comment on issues. 


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