1. link Twilio account

    1. Twilio sid ( AC****************************************)
    2. Twilio auth (****************************************)
    3. Phone Number E.164 formatted phone (+123456...) (in trials account it's the sandbox number that the user texts "join... " to )
    4. default request type
    5. default resolution status
    6. confirm and save
    7. StepPictureDetails

      Authenticate With Twilio

      For Twilio authentication, we need Twilio Account SID, Twilio Auth Token, and your Phone Complete Number in E.164 formatted phone number example (+14155238886). Those data will be found on the Twilio Account dashboard or console.

      Select Request Type

      The selected Request type will be the request type of the issues created by WCFJ addon.
      Select Resolution Status

      The selected Resolution status will be used by the addon in order to check when the issue is marked as resolved. So when an issue status is equal to the selected resolution status and the user sends a new Whatsapp message then this message will be transferred into a new Jira issue.

      In this step after clicking save the JSM project will be linked to your Twilio Account. Be sure you add webhook Url to your Twilio account to start receiving new Whatsapp messages as Jira tickets.
  2. Webhook registration
    1. Log into Twilio.com and go to the Console's Numbers page
    2. Click on the phone number you'd like to modify
    3. Find the Messaging section and the "A MESSAGE COMES IN" option
    4. Select "Webhook" and paste in the URL  https://whatsapp-connector-for-jira.azurewebsites.net/wcfj/twillo/twillo_webhook

  1. Unlink Twilio account
    1. stop receiving Whatsapp messages.
    2. user remove Twilio webhook URL

  2. WhatsApp New Message
    1. receives new whats up message :
      1. if the sender's phone number has already an open issue then the new message will be transferred into Jira comment on this open issue.
      2. if the sender number does not have an open issue we will create a new Jira ticket.
      3. WhatsApp MessageJira TicketDescription

        After linking your Twilio Account and adding a webhook URL, any new Whatsapp

        message on your Twilio phone number will be transferred into a Jira ticket. if the sender already have an open ticket

        the message will be transferred into Jira comment

  3. Jira Comment
    1. receive new public comment(share with the customer) on the Jira ticket:
      1. if the reply comment is within 24 hours forward Jira comment will be transferred into Whatsapp replied message
      2. else if the agent reply after 24 hours then the comment must match the Twilio predefined template message.
      3. if the comment is not forwarded for any reason then the addon will update the Jira comment text body with the Twilio error message, example If the Jira comment didn't match any predefined
        template Message then the comment body will be edited with :

        ERROR - 63016
        Failed to send a freeform message because you are outside the allowed window. If you are using WhatsApp, please use a Message Template.

      4. Jira Public CommentWhatsApp MessageDescription

        when the agent Reply to the customer the comment will be transferred into a Whatsapp message.

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