Telegram offers the option to create a telegram bot for free (no charge) by just searching for the GodFather account, and then interacting with the bot by sending some commands, you can name your bot and receive the token that will be later on used to connect the bot to Jira accordingly .
Just follow the steps below.

Steps to follow:

The steps to be followed need to be done using Telegram either mobile version or desktop version it  doesn't matter as long as it's Telegram.

1- Search for the BotFather (the verified account)

2- Initiate the chat with the bot and enter the following command (/newbot):

3- Name your bot (whatever name you want) Note: this is not the name that the users can search for it's the appearance name of the bot (example: Infosysta support)

4- Choose the username for your Bot (this is the one that users will search for) 
Note: It has to end with a " bot" or "_bot"

5- You Now have the needed Token and the username to continue with your bot registration (smile)

You can use the token and the username to add them to the add on and the Wizard setup will guide you.

  1. Create Telegram Bot(How to create a telegram Bot)
    1. Telegram Bot Username
    2. Telegram Bot Token
  2. Select default Request Type
  3. Select default resolution Status
  4. confirm and save

Navigate to the page

  1. Go to any service Desk Project
  2. Project settings 
  3. Scroll to the bottom there should be a link telegram bot section in the bottom of the page (assuming the addon is installed)
Authenticate with Telegram

For Telegram authentication, we need a Telegram bot username and a Telegram bot token.
Those data will be generated by telegram specifically the BotFather on telegram
Select Request Type

The selected Request type will be the request type of the issues created by TTJC addon.
Select Resolution Status

The selected Resolution status will be used by the addon in order to check when the issue is marked as resolved. So when an issue status is equal to the selected resolution status and the user sends a new Telegram message then this message will be transferred into a new Jira issue.

In this step after clicking save, the JSM project will be linked to your Telegram Bot so you'll start receiving Telegram messages as Jira issues.
  1. Unlink Telegram Bot
    1. Stop Receiving Telegram messages 
  2. Telegram New Message

    Telegram MessageJira TicketDescription

    After linking your Telegram Bot, any new Telegram message to your linked bot will be transferred into a Jira ticket. If the sender already have an open ticket the message will be transferred into Jira comment

  3. Jira Comment
    1. receive new public comment(share with the customer) on the Jira ticket:
      1. if the agent reply then the comment must match the Telegram predefined template message.
      2. if the comment is not forwarded for any reason then the addon will update the Jira comment text body with the Telegram error message, example If the Jira attachment was too big for Telegram to handle it then the comment body will be edited with:
        Your comment not forwarded to your customer, due to Telegram Error and is set to be internal comment : Attachment is too big
      3. Jira public CommentTelegram MessageDescription

        when the agent Reply to the customer the comment will be transferred into a Telegram message.

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