Google to Jira - GTJ improves your Google Apps to Jira integration, and allows you to manage Jira issues straight from your Gmail, Drive, or Calendar.

(tick) If you are a Cloud user and would like to enjoy GTJ's features through different devices (Mobile, PCs, etc), we suggest using GTJ Jira Connector (Google Workspace Add-ons). You can find the installation steps here.

(tick) If you are either a Cloud or Datacenter user and you make use of Chrome Web Browser, you can use our GTJ Jira Connector (Chrome Extension). Simply follow the installation steps here.

GTJ Jira Connector (Google Workspace Add-ons)

GTJ Jira Connector (Chrome Extension)

Supported Jira HostingCloudCloud & DataCenter
Supported PlatformsInstall once available everywhere (Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS...)Need a Chrome Browser to be used and doesn't support Mobile devices
Supported Google AppsGmail, Drive & CalendarGmail, Drive & Calendar
Where is the app available?Google Workspace MarketplaceChrome Web Store
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