New Features:

Link Jira Issues When Composing an Email

We believe collaboration should be effortless. That's why we've introduced an intuitive and convenient feature directly within the 'Compose' window on Gmail. Our add-on icon will now be readily available to you while composing your emails, enabling you to search for and link Jira issues seamlessly.

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Search for Jira Issues from GTJ Menu

Searching for an issue has never been more simple. With the newly added search button on the home menu of GTJ, you'll gain quick access to search for Jira issues whenever you need.


Sync Related Issues between the GTJ GSuite app and GTJ Extension

Whether you choose to work within the GTJ GSuite app or the GTJ Extension, your information will stay in perfect harmony. Create a ticket from the GSuite app, and it will automatically appear in the related issues section of the GTJ Extension—and vice versa. Enjoy a unified view, preventing any gaps in information and optimizing your productivity.

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