We're thrilled to announce the latest release of GTJ Jira Connector! This update brings exciting improvements to data management, system compatibility, and overall performance.

Key Highlights:

  • Expanded System and Custom Fields Support: 

    We've significantly increased the range of data types you can manage within GTJ. You can now directly from the create screen leverage:

    • Linked Issue: Establish relationships between issues for better context and traceability.
    • Log Work: Log work to issues efficiently.
    • Labels: Organize and categorize data with flexible custom and system labels.
    • Components, Versions, Fix-versions, and Resolution fields:  Add version, component, or set a resolution easily.
    • Environment: Tailor workflows and configurations to specific environments.
    • Cascading Select & Select List: Select your option from pre-defined lists.
    • Group Picker: Group the related data options for easier selection.
    • User & Version Picker: Effortlessly assign users and versions with Pickers.
    • Request Participant: Involve specific users in issue resolution effectively.
    • Project Picker: Link issues to relevant projects with ease.
    • Time Tracking: Add remaining time on tasks directly within GTJ - create screen
  • Refactored Codebase:

    We've undertaken a comprehensive code restructuring to enhance performance, stability, and future expansion capabilities. 
  • Bug Fixes:

    This release addresses several reported bugs to improve overall user experience and reliability.

Happy exploring! Experience the benefits of enhanced data management and improved performance with this latest release.

Thank you for choosing GTJ Jira Connector! If you're happy with these updates don't hesitate to add a review here.

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