Infosysta Apps is happy to announce the newest features with our latest release of OTJ Jira for Outlook, v.3.0.5. A lot of hard work and consideration was brought forth with this version to better enhance the overall user experience and extend the app's functionality. In addition to general improvements, we're bringing you 11 new features we hope you enjoy.

New Features:

This update brings with it two types of support for various fields for a much more advanced Outlook to Jira experience. Support for:

  • System fields
  • Custom fields

Supported system fields

System fields are the fields already displayed within Jira. We decided to include two new additions in this version release to ensure a more seamless use of Outlook and Jira.


You can now add an original estimate to your Jira issues when creating them straight from your Outlook email. This feature is commonly used for time-tracking, as well as to help log in working hours on specific issues.

Linked issues

You can now view or link Jira issues through your Outlook. Whenever you want to create a new issue for an email on your Outlook, you can choose to link it to an existing issue.

Description Box Text Menu

You now have a variety of options in a text menu bar to help you edit an issue's text in the description box.

Existing issues

With this great new feature, you can easily find out if there are pre-existing issues created from a particular email. When creating a new issue, this button will appear and show you all the previous issues.

Supported custom fields

Custom fields are fields we can custom create to add to the Create issues screen. If these fields don't show automatically, you can head to Configure fields to decide what to include whenever you're creating an issue.

URL field

If you would like to add a URL to a Jira issue, you can now do that with this new supported custom field.

Version field

If you have more than one version for specific fixes to an issue, you have the option of specifying which one it is in this field. You can even select more than one version if they happen to coincide.

Select field

If you would like to include fields that allow you to select a specific choice from various options, then you can now do that with this new addition. Not only that, but you can select more than one item and include it here.

Group-picker field

This release also brings with it some grouping options to help with better organization. This feature comes with a handy drop-down menu to help facilitate your choices.

Organization field

As we mentioned previously, the supported custom fields help with organization. With this field, you have the option to include whatever way you'd like to organize your Jira issues by for better filtering later on.

Sprint field

If you would like to add an issue to a particular sprint board, you now have the option to do so with this feature. It comes with a design that matches Jira's group of Sprints. This will help ease your work process.

Jira User Picker

You now have the option of adding custom fields that allow you to select specific users for an issue. It can be 'Approvers' or 'Assignees' or whatever you would like it to be.


  • Attachments UI
  • Added validation to uploaded image size 
  • Fixed version design to match Jira
  • Updated the textArea field to rich-text
  • Default fields are now populated on issue create screen
  • Rich-text description
  • Back button and improved button display in the log view screen

Bug fixes:

  • Adding more than one comment in "Add to Screen"
  • Formatting the description field when creating an issue from a thread
  • Loader not showing when clicking on create
  • Formatting the environment field

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