Infosysta Apps is happy to announce the newest features with our latest release of OTJ Jira for Outlook, v.3.0.6. A lot of hard work and consideration was brought forth with this version to better enhance the overall user experience and extend the app's functionality. In addition to general improvements, we're bringing you the following new features we hope you enjoy.

New Features:

Notification icon

A new notification icon is now displayed on the top right corner so you can stay up-to-date on new features and announcements.

Configure Fields

You can now make use of the configure fields feature by accessing it from the menu on the top right corner. As in JIRA, fields are grouped into two categories: all fields and custom fields. If you select the latter, you can choose which fields to show or hide from the create screen.

Tempo third-party add-in

We now support two custom fields through Tempo: "Account" and "Team" that you can find on the create screen.

Save last selected issue type

You can now save time without having to reselect an issue type every time you create a ticket. Your last selected issue type will be saved and shown by default.

Create a new Component

If you have the right JIRA permissions, you can now create a new component directly from the create screen.

Create a new Fix version

If you have the right JIRA permissions, you can now create a new fix version directly from the create screen.

New success page

We now support displaying a success page on issue creation. You can choose to show or hide it from the 'Create' screen.

App Onboarding

We now support app onboarding to guide users to the new features and functionalities that have been released.


  • Added a new button to clear all filters in the 'Advanced search' tab
  • Transformed the 'add to screen' from a table to the list used in the 'view issue screen' 
  • Enhanced the design of a project's drop-down menu to match the Jira grouping options

Bug fixes:

  • 'Create issue' now fully functioning in the Data Center instances
  • Pictures are now supported in the Group Picker and User Picker drop-down menus
  • 'Assign to me' and 'Advanced search' links have become a more improved size
  • Error flags can now be easily dismissed

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