Here at Infosysta Apps, we are thrilled to share with you the newest features coming your way with our latest release of OTJ Jira for Outlook, v.3.0.7. Our goal is to enhance the overall customer experience, and to make the app easy to use. Check out the latest features below! 

New Features:

New Create screen tab

This new release brings with it a new 'Screen' tab in the 'Settings' screen, in addition to the pre-existing 'Jira login' and 'About' tabs. The new tab will help with some quick actions, such as to include email attachments, inline images, and the email content.

New request types for service desk projects

When selecting a service desk project type, you now have the option of including a variety of 'Request types' that weren't available before. 

Logging work from the Create screen 

Previously, you could only log work when you go to 'View issue' and do it through 'Related issues'. Now you can now log work straight from the 'Create' screen.

Additional quick actions in the View issue screen

To help speed up the work process, we have included more quick actions that are now supported through the 'View issue' screen. Here are some of the quick actions available for use:

  • Open in Jira
  • Assign to me 
  • Watch/unwatch
  • Log Work
  • Attach
  • Status
  • Link issue
  • Create subtask
  • Add flag


  • Added information tip in the login field 'Jira URL' to better guide users
  • Login action can be triggered by clicking 'Enter'
  • Jira URL field now autodetects instance URL, trimming off all additional subpages
  • New error message once Jira character limit in the description field has been exceeded

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issue with duplicates in the 'Add to Screen' issue type and status drop-downs
  • Fixed display name and colors of status field to match JIRA
  • Fixed issue with logging work on the server instance
  • Fixed issue of the date/time picker not changing after selecting a date when logging work
  • Added a delay time to improve the search behavior

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