The new release of OTJ Jira for Outlook v.3.0.8 comes with a two new features, improvements and bug fixes to help you optimize your workflow.

New Features:

Added actions when Adding to Issue

With this latest feature, users are no longer restricted to various actions from the 'View related issues' screen. They can now include various actions to issues by searching for any issue from the 'Add to issue' screen. The process would go like this. A user would search for an issue, click on the three dots next to settings and choose whatever action they want to do. The actions can be any of the following:

  • Open in Jira
  • Assign to me 
  • Watch/unwatch
  • Log work
  • Attach
  • Status
  • Link issue
  • Create subtask
  • Add flag

Guest login now supported

This next feature now allows guests access to log in to the app even without a license. The user will then be prompted to activate their license.


  • Code refactoring
  • Improvement to rich-text editor

Bug fixes:

  • Related issues not showing
  • Description headers not showing

  • No labels