Microsoft Outlook for Jira v4.0.0 comes with a host of new features that can change the game with the ability to create support tickets straight from your Outlook email!

New Features

Customer access in now possible when creating support tickets

Customers can now access Jira issues in a special customer portal. They will be able to create issues, add to an issue, and view an issue leading straight to the service desk portal. 

Log Work using Tempo Fields with Admin Configurations in Place

You can now log work through Tempo straight from Microsoft Outlook for Jira with whatever admin configurations applied on Jira taking effect. Users can now fill in date, duration, remaining estimate, and description to log work. But whatever admin parameters exist in place will be reflected, such as being able to block users from logging work during a certain period of time.

Ability to switch from the standard Jira issue view to the service desk portal view 

Agents can now switch from the standard Jira issue view to service desk portal view when working on support tickets. When the agent opts for the portal view, they will be able to raise a request on behalf of a customer.

Selecting from between screen tabs in the 'Create Issue' screen

The Create Issue screen now comes equipped with the ability to choose between different screen tabs. This will allow users more liberty when it comes to choosing the fields to fill out based on different criteria.

The ability to pin the Microsoft Outlook for Jira add-on to your Outlook

The Microsoft Outlook for Jira add-on can now stay pinned to your Outlook email, no matter which email you are on. Not only that, but the content to be included when you switch emails will change to fit the email you are currently on.

Adding 'Mentions' in the descriptions and comments 

When creating an issue, you can now mention users in the description. Additionally, you can include mentions when adding a comment to an existing issue.

Tag of the Microsoft Outlook for Jira add-on, when a Jira issue is created from an email

A tag will now appear on all the emails you have created a Jira issue from to keep track of them. You can disable this feature whenever you would like from the settings screen.

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