The MOTJ App boasts a comprehensive array of features designed to enhance user productivity and streamline various operational aspects. These features include:

  • Default Project Setting: Users can easily configure their preferred default project from the settings page, ensuring a seamless and efficient workflow tailored to their specific needs.

  • Rich media support: Users can enrich issue descriptions by adding images and mentioning other users directly within the description field, fostering effective communication and collaboration.


  • Status updates: The app provides the capability to change issue status directly from issue cards, facilitating real-time project status updates.


  • Advanced JQL Search: The app offers advanced search functionality, allowing users to find issues easily based on JQL queries using the newly supported JQL editor that shows suggestions helping users to write their queries.

  • Basic search: The app offers basic search functionality, allowing users to find issues based on text, and multiple criteria, as well as adding additional fields, ensuring efficient issue retrieval.

  • Find Issues: A new find issues option was added to the main menu allowing users directly to search for an issue and perform some quick actions on it.

  • Insight fields support: MOTJ App now support insight fields third party add-on 

  • Elements connect support: MOTJ App now support elements connect fields third party add-on (server instances only)

These features collectively contribute to a powerful and versatile application that caters to a wide range of project management and collaboration needs, empowering users to achieve greater efficiency and effectiveness in their work.

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