In this latest release of Microsoft Outlook for Jira, we've dedicated our efforts to fine-tuning and enhancing your user experience. Here's a snapshot of the key improvements and fixes:

  1. Uploading Images and Edit Screen Preview:

    • Addressed an issue where images weren't uploading correctly, ensuring a seamless process.
    • Fixed the preview issue on the edit screen for a more reliable editing experience.
  2. Customer Portal Image Upload:

    • Resolved the challenge of images not being uploaded properly on the customer portal screen, ensuring smooth customer interactions.
  3. Multiple Image Insertion Issue:

    • Fixed the problem related to inserting multiple images on server instances, providing a more intuitive image-handling capability.
  4. Create Screen Tab Switching:

    • Resolved the issue with tab switching in the create screen, ensuring a more fluid navigation experience.
  5. Work Log Validation and Default Value:

    • Addressed the work log required field validation and default value issue, enhancing accuracy and usability.
  6. Tempo Fields Enhancement:

    • Improved the integration with Tempo fields for enhanced time management capabilities.
  7. Email Description Display:

    • Fixed the display issue related to email descriptions in the editor, ensuring accurate representation.
  8. Existing Issue Pop-up:

    • Resolved the pop-up issue related to existing problems, providing a smoother workflow.
  9. Calendar Data Integration:

    • Fixed the integration issue with calendar data, ensuring optimized synchronization.
  10. Arabic Language Enhancement:

    • Enhanced support for the Arabic language, providing a more refined and localized experience.
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