Infosysta is an Atlassian Solution Partner and a provider of Atlassian Verified apps (add-ons) on top of Atlassian products (on-cloud and on-server).

Each Client will be able to download or subscribe to our Atlassian apps directly from Atlassian Marketplace

For subscriber's cloud apps, only the app files (code-lines) are physically located on our servers in a dedicated, locked cage at our data center partners. Our data center partners provide power, network and backup services. Infosysta owns the servers and is responsible for provisioning, monitoring, and managing the servers, and for providing support to Infosysta cloud apps subscribers.

Data storage

Infosysta, and through its Atlassian apps, does not store client data on local servers. All Data are stored and fetched for display only on Infosysta apps.

For Mobile for Jira, Outlook To Jira and Google To Jira, data are retrieved from Atlassian instance used by the Client via Webservices (Atlassian authorized APIs) for display only on iOS or Android devices. Data are not stored on a local database or on a the device itself.

Clients are invited to connect via SSL protocol to ensure data encryption between the server and the end-user.

For Mobile for Jira and Outlook To Jira, only username and passwords and avatars are stored and cashed locally (on the end-user device session) for a better user-experience. Nothing is stored on Infosysta servers.

For our other apps, data are being stored on client instances and not on Infosysta servers.


For the management of our apps on-cloud, access to the data centers is limited to authorized personnel only, as verified by bio-metric identity verification measures. Physical security measures include: on-premises security guards, closed circuit video monitoring, man traps, and additional intrusion protection measures.

Our data centers are located in London, UK.

For the Atlassian Apps installed on-server (on client servers), the data is fully owned by the client and nothing is stored on Infosysta servers.

People and access

Our global support team maintains an account on all cloud systems and applications for the purposes of maintenance and support. This support team accesses hosted applications and data only for purposes of application health monitoring and performing system or application maintenance, and upon customer request via our support system. Infosysta Teams does not have any access to application data stored on Atlassian instances using Infosysta Apps (add-ons).

Infosysta operations team monitors the cloud platform 24x7 from operation centers in London, Paris, Beirut, Cairo & Dubai from system only side.


Infosysta understands the importance of ensuring the privacy of clients information and is fully compliant on not storing locally or on its own servers any personal information of our clients.

Atlassian Apps are being plugged on top of Atlassian instances (on-cloud and on-server).