General Improvements

In this latest release, we're excited to introduce a series of general improvements aimed at enhancing the overall functionality and performance of our platform.

Migration from API v1 to API v2 

We've taken a significant step forward by migrating from API v1 to API v2. This upgrade not only ensures compatibility with the latest industry standards but also opens the door to a wealth of new possibilities for our users.

Simplified Admin Setup 

To simplify the setup process, we've introduced a new step that allows you to effortlessly add your app key and app token on the admin side. This enhancement reduces configuration complexity and speeds up your onboarding experience.

Code Cleaning and Performance Improvements

Behind the scenes, our development team has been hard at work cleaning up the codebase and implementing performance enhancements. These changes result in a smoother, more responsive user experience and improved overall stability.

Optimized Retrieval Interval

Recognizing the importance of efficiency, we've adjusted the retrieval interval from 1 minute to 3 minutes. This alteration not only optimizes resource usage but also ensures compliance with rate limits, providing a more reliable and sustainable service.

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